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Program Overview
Learning Objectives
Target audience
EBAH CME credits

MPN Cases

Each case comprises material to watch and read, completed with multiple choice questions. The participant has to take part in a self-assessment case and will be evaluated on the numbers of correct answers.

After completing the cases the participant is able to:

- test their knowledge and self assess their knowledge on MPN.

Hematologist who want to assess themselves on MPN.

Credit points
Credit points are earned by successfully completing a case within the allotted time and are automatically added to your personal EBAH account. One EBAH credit point can be earned with completing a single case.



We would like to thank the following case authors, M.F. McMullin, C. Harrison, F. Cervantes, M. Griesshammer, M. Ruggeri and G. Finazzi for their contribution to this e-learning program. The realization would not have been possible without their efforts.

All cases have been peer reviewed and edited by;

B Bain, J Burthem, MF McMullin, C McNamara. 


Case 1: MF McMullin - A case of high risk polycythaemia vera
Case 2: C Harrison - A case of high-risk essential thrombocythaemia refractory to hydroxyurea
Case 3: F Cervantes - A Patient with Intermediate-2 Risk Myelofibrosis for Treatment
Case 4: M Griesshammer - A 23-year old woman
Case 5: M Ruggeri - A Patient with a Myeloproliferative Neoplasm who Requires Surgery
Case 6: G Finazzi - A young low-risk patient with essential thrombocythaemia